Facial massage after washing or cleaning

If you are one of those women who use a little cleansing milk on a pair of sponges, gently rubbing it around the eyes and splashing some water from the tap, or, worse, use a couple of wet wipes every evening. Be sure that your skin looks far from the best. Although you may not even know it.

First, after cleansing the face, use oil-based washing agents. The similar attracts like - the oils in the cleanser will attract all oils / dirt / excess sebum and take them with you when you rub your face. I'm talking about natural oil for washing. Mineral oil is very cheap and very nasty. It has no advantages for your skin as a means of escape. For these reasons, he has no place in the arsenal of your cosmetics.

Use a clean towel. Wet it under running water and wipe the cleanser. Wash the towel and repeat the action until you completely remove the make-up marks on your face. For these purposes flannel fabric or natural sea sponges are well suited. Wash the towel is necessary at high temperature to kill all harmful bacteria.

If you use cleansing napkins - stop! This is not cleaning. They are only suitable for moving dirt on your face.

This massage can be done as part of a daily washing and cleaning procedure or as a final procedure when your face is clean and you want to apply oil or balm before bed. Do not use too much aids for massage. Always remember - the clutch should be without slipping!

- Bend the fingers of both hands as shown below.


- Put both hands on your cheeks like this.


To bring the skin tone and determine the pressure:

- Move your fingers in a circular motion without taking them from the skin - if you do it correctly, you should make (rather strong) squelching sounds involuntarily and you should be a bit uncomfortable. Do this for a minute.

- Move up the face, along the ears, to the wings of the nose - massage gently, without strong pressure. Ideally, do this for at least 30 seconds.

Circular muscles on the face are only around the eyes and mouth. Although, technically, the muscle around the mouth consists of four separate muscles that form a circle. But too many brands recommend massaging in exactly circular motions. Similarly, massagers for the face use only a circular effect. This is a bit like trying to use an iron only in circles.

- Place your index fingers in the junction of the cheekbone with the skull and massage a little. This can be quite painful. Especially if you have a cold. But it can also alleviate the symptoms of nasal / throat congestion.


- Place your fingers just below the hollow on the cheeks from your lips and press down, slowly and firmly lifting your face upwards, onto your cheekbones and temples.

- Repeat 10 times firmly and slightly faster. Note: remove your fingers when you reach the top point and start all over again on the sides of the mouth - do not pull your hands down your face. Nature and so constantly pulls it down. So we will not help her.

- We pass to your eyes - put the pads of fingers 1, 2 and 3 under the eyebrow and push it up and out (similar to what you would do if you had a migraine / hangover, or you have 4 children / some Problem in social life ...). Hold your fingers for a few seconds in the up position. Then put your fingers in the lower position again and repeat 3-4 times. Put the same fingers under the eye on the orbital bone and perform a sliding motion outward and upward so that all the fingers move to the upper point. Repeat 3-4 times.

To remove the accumulating toxins on your face that are very visible after waking up, try the suggested one below. Ideally, you should do this every evening with washing. Our chin and jaw are like a "dump", in which all the toxins are collected. Do this very carefully, especially if you suffer from autoimmune diseases, cancer or just feel bad.
- Put your fingers on the jaw as shown in the photo:


- Tie the lower and upper part of the chin and firmly pull them towards the ears like this:



- Keep the clutch tight. The pressure should move the cheeks to the side, as shown in the photo.



- When the fingers reach the end of your chin line and fall into the hollow under the ear lobe (your lymph node) - gently push it 3-4 times.
- Repeat until you begin to feel the warmth - the face will be pink.

All this can be done in 5 minutes while you watch your TV shows. The main goal is to introduce this procedure into a habit and your face will tell you to save for it.

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