Discover the benefits of a massage


Massaje-ru4noiPopularity of caring for one's own health and a healthy lifestyle contribute to an increase in the demand for massage. The latest massage studies point to an increasing list of its benefits, which are much more common than simply eliminating stress, tension and pain relief.

One of the most interesting revealed properties of massage is its connection with the improvement of immunity. Studies have shown that people who regularly attend massage sessions have lower levels of cortisol saliva. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and it is associated with a lower immune function of the body.

Cortisol actually destroys the cells that are necessary for healthy immunity. Lowering this hormone in the body can not only lead to a greater immune response to external negative but also to reduce levels of anxiety and stress. Lowering the level of cortisol is also associated with losing weight and maintaining weight at a healthy level.

The benefit of mental health from low levels of stress and stress is attractive in itself. However, there are even more benefits that your body receives from regular massage.

Studies have indicated that regular massage helps with hypertension. Massage helps reduce stress, which causes an increase in blood pressure.

The more obvious use of massage is its excellent ability to temporarily reduce and treat pain. It can be used to relieve muscle pain, pain associated with nerve damage and even joint pain. Manipulation of soft tissues helps to increase blood circulation, which also helps in the treatment of tissues.

Improved blood circulation also leads to improvement of skin color and increase of its elasticity. Improved blood circulation and manual pressure also help deliver oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells. The overloads and micro-injuries transferred by us lead to low mobility, puffiness and wrinkling of joint bags, a change in the composition of the synovial fluid. Hence one more advantage of the massage - improving the nutrition of the joint tissues helps not only to get rid of these diseases, but also to prevent them.

Massage is believed to help improve the excretion of toxic substances that are transported from the body to the lymphatic system. You, as a patient, should also promote enhanced lymphatic drainage. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink a large amount of purified water after a massage to remove toxins through a faster elimination process.

In general, massage is a great way to reduce stress, relax and take a little time yourself. But, if you feel guilty of excessive love for yourself, you can recall the other benefits of massage: massage can be an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

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