SPA ritual Coconut paradise

Coconut paradisePamper your body and soul with the luxurious SPA ritual Coconut paradise, which gives you a feeling of lightness and spirituality. Delicate and skillful hands of our masseuses immerse you in the magical world of aroma massage.

First we will make a gentle coconut wrap. On your body, apply a gentle cream wrap with pieces of coconut, rich in vitamin E, natural oils and trace elements. Then your whole body is wrapped in a film and a warming blanket, and the mind is enveloped in a delicate fragrance. And for 20 minutes the skin absorbs the vitality of the coconut from the distant sunny beaches and becomes tender and velvety like a baby.

In Coconut paradies, time flies imperceptibly. And now a warm caressing shower washes off pieces of coconut and a masseuse prepares your body for a gentle massage with polished coconut bowls.

Ayurvedic massage with coconut bowls for men and girls begins in different ways. For men whose energy comes from the Cosmos, massage begins with the head and ends with the toes of the legs. For the girl, who receives their strength and beauty from the Mother Earth, the massage begins with the legs and rises to the very top.

The masseuse puts on your body natural coconut oil and slips polished coconut bowls along his energy meridians. Combination, acupressure, rhythmic tapping and smooth movements along with pleasant music will take you far from reality. Everything within you relaxes. The delicate aroma of coconut pleasantly clears the mind, and soothing massage at this time facilitates the flow of energy through the meridians of your body.

For 90 minutes, the massage immerses you in a state similar to meditation or sleep. And the massage therapist gently massages your head. Indian head massage Champi improves your mental state, affects the physical body and cleans energy channels. Champi will save you from stress, overwork, bad sleep and will give you cheerfulness and good mood.

Spa ritual Coconut paradise fills your body with energy and health and gives consciousness clear and peaceful, and fragrant tea with flowers and pieces of fruit will be an excellent addition to your dream trip.

Coconut paradise - this is the place where you want to come back again and again ...

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