Thai massage

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Massage therapy is one of the alternative or additional treatment options and there are many diseases, including neurological ones, which show a positive dynamics when the patient is exposed to certain types of massage.

In addition, massage, which is well known, well relaxes the body, reduces the level of muscle tension and eliminates the effects of stress, which is a known cause of many health problems. Massage becomes a very popular way to relieve stress. This is the reason why many resorts now offer massage along with their other treatment options. The most common form of massage in the West is Swedish massage. Recently, however, other methods of massage, originated in the East, are becoming very popular. Thai massage is one of these types of massage. Thai massage is different from other types of massage. It does not use massage oils. In addition, Thai massage has deep religious roots and is completely different from the classical techniques of Western massages.

So what is Thai massage?

Thai massage has a unique technique in comparison with other types of massage. It has less grinding and more stretching, patting and pressing. In fact, Thai massage requires that the masseuses are really physically strong, because they actually direct the patient's body to various yoga-like postures during the massage. Many of the methods used are close to the massage styles of Ayurveda, but Thai massage is a mixture of techniques from around the region. In fact, even now, there is no standardized style, and different regions have their own style of massage.

Thai massage is also called healing Thai massage, because it is believed to detoxify the body. In fact, the traditional method of Thai massage involves methods that are designed to cleanse the body, both physically and spiritually. A good Thai masseuse will establish peace in a person whom they massage through their kindness and compassion for this person, and because of this relationship between the masseuse and the patient it is believed that Thai massage is unlike any other kind of massage.

How is Thai massage done?

Traditionally, Thai massage starts with the feet and moves along the body to the head. The masseuse relaxes all the main joints, starting with the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists and spine. Even the neck relaxes and straightens the spine, which in turn improves blood circulation. Unlike other massages, Thai massage carries in itself extremely little kneading of muscles. Concentration on relaxation and kneading of the joints leads to relaxation of the whole body.

What exactly happens with Thai massage?

The masseuse first starts with the ankles, knees and hips. It relaxes and stretches them by placing your legs in different positions and developing joints. The masseuse turns you around and relaxes your shoulders and spine. It will stretch your body in different positions. The patient who undergoes the massage must be completely relaxed, which means that the entire weight of the upper body is supported by the masseuse, which must be physically prepared for this.

In addition to stretching the body in various poses, the masseuse also presses the body with her weight, keeping the elbows closed. This is necessary to stimulate pressure points deep in the body. At the same time, various poses are believed to relax the body and restore proper circulation of energy flows.

Thai massage is much more intense than traditional Swedish massage. In the Thai massage there is no table, you lie on the floor on a special tatami, the masseuse does not stand near you and absolutely does not use massage oils. The duration of the massage session is usually 30-60 minutes.

Benefits of Thai Massage

As mentioned above, the benefits of Thai massage include complete body relaxation, detoxification and improved blood and energy circulation. Thai massage is usually extremely useful in relieving tension and pain for those who have joint problems or who do not have a good posture.

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