Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage as an art of healing arose about 5000 years ago. He was mentioned in ancient medicine, during the reign of Emperor Wendy (179-157 BC) of the Han dynasty. Since ancient times, the Thais have considered the sole of the foot as a map of the human body, where all the organs and systems of our body are represented. Doctors of traditional medicine believe that the condition of the feet affects the functions of the whole body, reflects the activity of each internal organ. Thus, the art of massage has been practiced and developed for centuries. And Thai foot massage takes a high step compared to other types of massage, such as Chinese massage, Korean and Japanese massage. A distinctive feature of Thai foot massage is the use of pressure on individual areas of the foot surface, reflex action, which stimulates the improvement of blood circulation and overall well-being. Unlike other massages, based on the use of fingers, palms, hands, elbows. Thai foot massage is performed with the use of hands, fingers and wooden sticks with oil and Thai warming ointment and lasts 40 minutes.


As everyone knows, our feet support the weight of the whole body and perform some of the most important motor functions of the body. Stand, walk, jog, or run for long distances - all the pressure is on the feet. In addition, wearing socks and shoes all day worsens blood circulation in these areas, there are swelling and stagnation. After a long tiring day, it's not uncommon, and you feel that your feet need rest. In this case, a thorough Thai foot massage will help. This type of foot massage is popular all over the world. It focuses on applying pressure in the legs and stimulates the flow of energy to the legs.


There are certain places on the foot that are indirectly related to other parts of the body. Simultaneous massage of these trigger points activates and recharges the entire body, increases blood circulation, improves lymph flow and relieves stress.

Technique of performing Thai foot massage

The main purpose of the massage is to stimulate natural healing caused by a certain pressure on the points. Therefore, the knowledge of reflex points is very important during the procedures. First, the legs are warmed up with the help of a Thai ointment for feet, followed by a traditional relaxing massage with reflexotherapy elements. The massage includes the kneading of the feet and the massage of the gastrocnemius. The total duration of Thai foot massage is 40 minutes.


The advantages of Thai foot massage:

- Improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins.

- Stimulation of lymphatic drainage and strengthening of the immune system.

- Improved flexibility.

- Accelerated physical recovery.

- Stress reduction.

- Improve sleep.

- Clarity of mind.

Recommendations for Thai foot massage

Especially recommended after a long stay on the feet or after physical exertion. To prevent stress and nervous tension, relieve headaches, migraine headaches.

- A person should not massage until one hour has passed after a meal.

- After the massage, you need to drink water to eliminate toxins and lactic acid, developed during the massage process.

- Pregnant women, women during menstruation.

- Foot massage can be done every day, but the total length of both legs during the procedure should not exceed 40 minutes.

"However, only ten minutes of massage is allowed for patients who suffered from a heart attack.

- With an elevated body temperature of over 38 degrees.

- With infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and others.


As long as a person is under the threat of illness and stress, the art of massage will continue to exist and develop.

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