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Juicy lush lips, like an elegant silhouette, are the ideal of feminine beauty. In addition, they are a symbol of passion and a magnet of attraction for the fascinated looks of men. It is for these reasons that all girls dream of having expressive lush sponges.

Unfortunately, nature is unfair, and "exceptional specimens" like Angelina Jolie are extremely rare. But, thanks to modern cosmetology, we can increase the lips and give them the desired shape.

After performing a simple cosmetology procedure, lasting about 30 minutes, you get the ideal size and shape of the lips (depending on your desires, you can enlarge the lips considerably), improve their contour, emphasize the rim, remove wrinkles around them and eliminate dehydration caused by aging Lips.

The procedure consists in injecting drugs with the content naturally present in the human body of hyaluronic acid, which has long been used in various branches of medicine (orthopedics, rheumatology and even ophthalmology) in the form of a thick gel.


Who needs contour lip augmentation?

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- if you have tonics, inexpressive lips, devoid of volume;
- if you have age-related fine wrinkles;
- if you have an asymmetrical shape of the lips;
- if the corners of your mouth are lowered;
- if you have scar scars or other defects on the lips;
- if you just want to change the shape and refresh your lips, giving them expressiveness and brilliance.

The area around the mouth is very sensitive, so when carrying out contour lip plasty we use local anesthesia in the form of an anesthetic cream. The drug with hyaluronic acid is injected by a beautician with a thin needle into the desired place of the lips to get the ideal volume and shape.

The basis of gels for increasing the lips of Krivoy Rog is low-molecular hyaluronic acid. It binds water molecules, making the fabric of your lips elastic, elastic and bulky.

Depending on your desires, you can:

- increase the volume of the lips;
- give lips a moist and rich color;
- simulate the lip contour;
- correct the asymmetry of the lips;
- eliminate the falling corners of the mouth;
Fill small wrinkles around the mouth.

At the end of the injection, the gel insertion sites are massaged, so that hyaluronic acid is evenly distributed throughout the surface. Immediately after the procedure, we use a drug with vitamin C or another drug whose purpose is to limit the occurrence of small bruises.

Lip augmentation effect

After the injection of the gel on the lips, the drug binds the water and increases their volume. The effect lasts from 6 to 9 months. The advantage of this procedure is also an intensive moisturizing of the skin and improving its elasticity. All this is due to hyaluronic acid, which remains in the skin and works there all the time, actively stimulating it, as with prolonged cosmetic procedures.

It should be noted that not everyone can do lip augmentation in Krivoy Rog. Such people include future mothers and girls breastfeeding. People who have skin inflammations, infections (herpes) and a tendency to scarring (keloid scars). In diseases of the immune system and immunotherapy.

After the procedure

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For several hours after the completion of the procedure, excessive expression in the oral cavity should be avoided, as well as touching and massaging the injection site. For 3 days, you should not unreasonably expose your lips to sunlight and heat (sauna, solarium).

After the procedure to increase the lips they become soft, smooth, moisturized and have a beautiful and deep color.

Our salon employs experienced cosmetologists who will help you decide on the drug used and the specifics of the procedure. It all depends on your expectations. You can have enlarged lips gently, or very significantly, just like the screen stars do.

Price of lip augmentation


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Lip augmentation




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