Why do I need to clean my face?

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Acne - or, as their cosmetologists call, comedones - settle on the skin of more than 80% of the inhabitants of the megalopolis. And in their appearance, the way of life of the townspeople is actually to blame.

Our sebaceous glands constantly produce a special oily substance, designed to protect the skin from drying out and harmful environmental effects. Appearing on the surface of the skin, it mixes with keratinized scales. With a normal cycle of cell renewal, the skin is cleansed by itself.

But under the influence of stress, hormonal failures, nedosypov, unregulated nutrition, diseases of internal organs increases the production of sebum, but the cycle of cell renewal, on the contrary, slows down. As a result, contaminations from the skin surface are less likely to be removed, the sebaceous glands become clogged, cease to function normally, increase in size, and black spots known to all of us appear on the surface.

Since comedones are deep inside, no creams, scrubs, masks will help get them. To facilitate the life of our skin, to give it a smoothness and aesthetic appeal will help only a professional face cleaning from a cosmetologist.

Many people, under the influence of gossip and advice from friends, have a negative attitude toward this process. Thoughts about unpleasant consequences frighten and force to pass by the office of the cosmetician. What is only attributed to the cleaning procedure - Rosacea, dermatitis, the formation of smallpox.

In fact, all this is speculation: mechanical cleansing of the face (manual cleaning of the face Krivoy Rog) is not such a pleasant, but still necessary ritual, which brings its positive fruits, and with proper performance, it does not cause damage to the skin. Already, the fact that cleansing is prescribed from adolescence (just at the time when the sebaceous glands begin active work), speaks about the safety and sterility of this process.

Today, mechanical face cleaning (manual cleaning of the face Krivoy Rog) is the most popular, the most profound and effective method of skin cleansing. The essence of mechanical cleansing of the face in the SPA-Studio "Mei" is the removal of comedones by hand using special sterile instruments: Una spoons, a special spoon for the nose, Vidal's needle, a strainer. It is sterility that is the main reason why this procedure should be done outside the home.

Carrying out the right mechanical cleansing of the face should begin with cleansing the skin of make-up and opening the pores. Therefore, we do demakizh cosmetic means, appropriate to your skin type and its characteristics. Then, for the purpose of opening the pores, the skin is rinsed with a cold hydrogenation mask, as a result of which the stratum corneum is loosened.

After steaming, opening the pores and softening the sebaceous plugs, the cosmetologist, after wiping the lotion with the lotion, starts cleaning the pores. Armed with a special strainer or spoon, within 5-7 minutes, it removes fat, black spots and keratinized skin cells, excluding areas with inflamed eels. Special lighting allows the beautician to see even the smallest dirt. Special tools help the beautician to seize even deeply seated in the pores sebaceous plugs and push them out. If the cosmetologist can not remove the secret from the pores with the help of the instruments, then this process is performed by them manually, which is rather painful. To do this, the beautician on his fingers reels a clean napkin and begins to squeeze out dirt with lightly squeezing movements.

It is very important to finish cleaning before the time when the pores are closed, about twenty minutes, otherwise the skin will cool down, respectively, and the pores will close. Then the mechanical cleaning of the face (manual cleaning of the face Krivoy Rog) will become much more painful. Therefore, if the skin has many foci of inflammation, it is necessary to cleanse the face in several stages before completely cleansing all pores.

If the inflammatory lesions or acne on the skin is small, then additional cleaning is not required. In more serious cases, in addition to mechanical cleaning of the face (manual cleaning of the face of Krivoy Rog), we perform laser acne treatments.

Laser treatment of acne allows not only to clean the skin from pathogens, which cause the appearance of acne, but also relieve the patient of seals, inflammation and swelling. Moreover, it is laser therapy that allows us to restore metabolic processes in the skin, the synthesis of new cells and exfoliation of keratinized.

After the end of face cleansing, your skin needs calming, disinfecting and pore-reducing procedures. To do this, we rub the skin with a lotion or tonic with a disinfectant effect. Then we apply active serum with anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to narrow the pores and smooth the complexion. In addition, we apply darsonvalization, soothing and anti-inflammatory masks corresponding to the type of your skin.

The result of mechanical cleansing of the face is a good breathable skin with barely noticeable pores, a more even complexion, and a virtually complete absence of comedones and pimples.

If you want to have radiant skin without flaws and pimples, sign up for a clean-up right now!


Reviews on cleaning the face in the SPA-Studio "Mei"



Reviewed by: sawa, 27 years.

Girls, believe me, I Taaak for a long time struggled with acne, not just with pimples before CD and at an intermediate age, namely with RAPIDS! Concrete such !!! Went to dermatologists, different, one appointed some Boltushka, she was made in a drugstore on prescription for order, anointed her a couple of times and almost burned herself all face !! Sorry there is no photo, t. K. It was already about 7 years ago! Another dermatologist ponapisyvayu me all sorts of zenerites, wolves and pokey x * rni from which only it became pure in my purse! The effect of zero, it was embarrassing to walk, all cheekbones and cheeks, and also the chin were in cyanotic-red deep pimples !! Until then, my friend advised me to Julia !! Somehow I signed up to her in May for manual cleaning. Honestly, the first time it was horrible !! She pressed me so that my eyes were on my forehead !! And so it was 3 times in a row, until she squeezed all the crap from my face !! I will not go into details of what makeup I used potrm, I can say with certainty, until you squeeze all the rubbish from your face, nichrome no means of mazuki from above will not help you !! It's just that you have to clean it professionally !! And it can not cost cheap!

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