Pigmented spots removal


Your young face is not only a face without wrinkles. Young skin has no defects: pigment spots, freckles, red sosuduses. How you look affects your type of face, your skin type, and even the peculiarities of your body's internal processes!

How to safely and effectively remove pigment spots, freckles and sosudiki on the face and body?

The new cosmetology technology IPL+RF skin rejuvenation allows us to eliminate such manifestations of skin photoaging as enlarged vessels, pigmentation, freckles, coffee spots and thus conduct a photo-radio frequency rejuvenation of the skin, restoring its smooth tone, healthy radiance and elasticity.

The procedure of IPL+RF removal of pigment spots and freckles has a number of advantages:

Safely. IPL radiation is so selective that it destroys only cells with an excessive content of melanin (pigment). This does not damage the surrounding skin. The integrity of the skin is not compromised, which means there is no risk of infection.

Effectively. As a rule, the result is noticeable after the first procedure. To completely remove the pigmented spot, you need to undergo a course of treatment consisting of 3-6 procedures. The interval between the procedures is 3-4 weeks.

Painless. During the procedure, the patient feels a slight warm tingling, which generally does not cause much discomfort. IPL acts very delicately, so we can carry out this procedure on any part of the skin and, even, on the sensitive skin of the face.

SPA_Studio_IPL_RF_pigmentnie_piatna_1Therefore, more and more people wanting to remove pigment spots, choose the light pulse technology (IPL). Pulsed light safely, reliably and quickly eliminates skin imperfections and does not require a rehabilitation period. After cosmetic procedures for the removal of pigmented spots and vessels on the face, you can immediately return to your daily routine.

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