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Hand massage

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back Massage back Massage is the most effective and painless form of prevention and treatment of low back pain. The massage strengthens muscular system, regenerate damaged tissue, increases blood circulation, leaving the edema.




head Massage a Massage can restore blood flow to the scalp, to relax permanently tight muscles, improves memory and helps to recover.




SPA-full body massage (whole body) the massage restores the normal operation of the muscles, increases mental abilities, strengthens joints and ligaments, which beneficially affects the General physical condition of the whole organism. Massage promotes great relaxation and relaxation, which beneficially affect the nervous system.




Massage four hands. Exclusive massage. Is  the two technicians. Has a very strong healing effect, aimed at removing stress, stress, dipressii, raising obshego body tone in General.

60 880
5 Thai foot massage. Relieves General tension, stimulates the work of all organs, affects thousands of nerve endings, reflex influence on the General health of the person.




Deep tissue body massage

Effect on the tense and inflamed fascia and removes them stress, and therefore – eliminates pain.
deep tissue Massage – is a powerful tool for solving problems of musculoskeletal system. This is a painless, gentle, aimed at restoring the normal shape of the connective tissue. With the help of deep tissue massage can normalize the function of the entire musculoskeletal system as a single system to resolve local congestion and pain. In the process of getting rid of chronic stress to the client return of vitality, positive feelings.
Amazing efficiency globaldance massage is based on very deep knowledge of massage, anatomy of muscles, fascia, tendons.






Thai massage Techniques of Thai massage also different from those familiar to Europeans: they are based on a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, are methods, not only the hands, and elbow, forearms, heels and even the feet — when the masseur “stalled” for his patient. No wonder Thai massage is often called is not massage, and “Thai”.





Stone massage is one of the most ancient methods of treatment, which is based on the hot stone massage. The main effect in the process of stone therapy, in addition to the healing properties of hot stones is achieved by applying various massage techniques. Due to stone therapy there is a significant improvement of metabolic processes, there is a stimulation of the immune and nervous systems, cured headaches, overcome chronic fatigue, eliminated sharp fluctuations in the mood, is depression and achieved an overall relaxing effect, improves condition of the cardiovascular system.




Massage guasha - an ancient form of Chinese massage.

Method of action: is done with a plate of Buffalo horn, impregnated with Tibetan herbs and complex essential oil that displays toxins from the body. The uniqueness of the method GUASHA: one procedure replaces the 15 regular massages. The constant use of this method helps to rejuvenate the body and longevity.




Japanese massage Shiatsu disease Prevention, relaxation, improved overall health, rejuvenation, increase libido – this is not a complete list of benefits that gives shiatsu…




Indian head massage Champi Balancing chakra work, positively affecting "Nadi" (energy flows). It affects the nervous, lymphatic and arterial system, activates the current of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation and nutrition of capillaries. Ciampi relieves muscle tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head.




Complex massage Eastern fairy tale. It's time to plunge into the world of oriental culture and let your body know the riddle of oriental relaxation. That's why we have developed for you a special complex massage - Oriental Tale. For two hours you will feel the wonderful influence of the Spanish, Thai and Indian massage techniques that will lead your body, mind and soul to absolute harmony.




SPA ritual Coconut paradise Pamper your body and soul with the luxurious SPA ritual Coconut Paradise, which gives you a feeling of lightness and spirituality. Delicate and skillful hands of our masseuses immerse you in the magical world of aroma massage.

Ayurvedic massage with coconut bowls for men and girls begins in different ways. For men whose energy comes from the Cosmos, massage begins with the head and ends with the toes of the legs. For girls who receive their strength from Mother Earth, massage begins with the legs and rises to the very top.




SPA ritual Chocolate Dreams Chocolate Paradise begins with a cup of fragrant cappuccino with thick foam and spicy cinnamon flavor. After drinking a bewitching potion, you fly away into pleasant dreams and chocolate fantasies. Dissolving in these sensations, the smell of aromatic coffee peeling absorbs you. The gentle hands of a masseur glide over the body, and the skin acquires incredible smoothness. The body becomes simply silk, and the skin will radiate the smell of invigorating coffee for a long time. And I want it to go on forever. And at this time, a trickle of warm milk chocolate is pouring over the body, enveloping it with comfort and harmony. You are wrapped in hot chocolate, the aroma of which takes you to your childhood.
At the end of the program you will find a mask with a pleasant smell Láte which will make your skin velvet and give it a radiance. She will wipe off fatigue from her face and restore you youth.



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